In today’s demanding world, experience is a necessity. At Eco Hygiene our knowledge, understanding and skill have enabled us to provide you with a broad selection of environmentally friendly washroom products that are totally eco friendly to our planet. We are specialists in the marketplace and are constantly evolving as we bring you the latest, most effective green products made around the world, some from manufacturers you are familiar with and others that are unknown but innovative.


Please take a minute to explore this site and view our products We are always ready, willing and able to answer all your questions and solve your washroom problems.

For Your Information

Green products are environmentally friendly with qualities that include reduced toxicity, re-usability, energy efficiency, eco-responsible packaging, recycled content, biodegradability, and are manufactured with nominal environmental impact and minimal or no artificial materials.

Over the years, our focus on providing best value workplace services has enabled thousands of customers to reap the financial and environmental benefits of better resource management. From our range of self service Hygiene units to our washroom products, document management and waste saving audit service we provide practical solutions that can deliver genuine savings and resource efficiency on your site. This isn’t new to us, it’s simply what we’ve always done.

Naturally, as a responsible business, you’d also expect us to manage our own impacts effectively. This is achieved through our commitment to continuous improvement plus environmental management and resource efficiency are fundamental to what we do and inherent in our business model.

Eco Hygiene

Eco Hygiene provide a wide range of high-quality, eco-friendly sanitary solutions whilst working towards a cleaner, healthier environment for everyone.


Our green products are specially designed to reduce toxicity, providing safe, responsible & recyclable washroom products that are free from harmful artificial ingredients & a 100% biodegradable.


By promoting self-serviceable products, we’re prioritizing your profits, saving you time & money whilst helping to significantly reduce your carbon footprint. Better for you, better for the environment.

We believe strongly in the importance of eco-friendly hygiene for everyone & our mission is to spread the word on the most effective practices for cost-effective & practical sanitary waste solutions.

Our Eco-Friendly Washroom Products Ensure The Highest Standards Of Hygiene, At The Lowest Cost!