Women are born disadvantaged by the very thing that makes us women. We bleed, regularly.

(If we’re not bleeding regularly it may mean we are pregnant or past it!)

We certainly have different immediate personal needs than men and we really appreciate when our personal needs are provided for.

An Eco Bin disposable sanitary bin is one small way of acknowledging our differences. It’s also about helping save the planet, seriously. Collectively we generate an enormous amount of sanitary waste. You would be staggered to see how much is filtered out of the sewers in a big city every week.

We are talking tonnes, huge tandem truckloads of grey, smelly stuff that has to be collected and disposed of. The council has to filter out everything people flush down. From panti-liners to wet wipes, tampons, pads, condoms, nappies, false teeth, children’s toys, the occasional goldfish; you name it, the council workers have found it. They’ve had to scrape the waste off the revolving mesh drum that screens the waste water as it passes through to the sewerage ponds.

So if you don’t choose a means of capturing all that sanitary waste, i.e. using an Eco Bin disposable sanitary bin, it quickly adds up to what is actually a huge global problem.
If you use a commercial sanitary bin service, like Initial, Cannon, or perhaps other smaller commercial sanitary bin service companies, observe how they operate.

They drive a van over to your workplace and change over or simply clean the sanitary bins they provide either fortnightly or monthly. And they change them regardless if they are full or not because that’s what you are paying for. I could tell you a few tricks they have to squeeze out the last drop of profit, but that’s for another day.

In short, commercial sanitary bin companies have a very high carbon footprint, and they charge for a regular schedule.

You know how this works in a workplace or gym, theatre or club. We all seem to have our favourite toilets. The two end toilet stalls in a row and the one in the middle are most popular so the sanitary bins in those toilets fill more quickly.

That’s where Eco Bin comes in and quietly makes a very big difference. The Eco Bin is only replaced when it is full. So rather than having a commercial company charge you for changing the lot, you use Eco Bins and simply change the full ones. It saves money, saves the planet and you’re not being ripped off but still providing for women’s needs.

Eco Bin is made from recycled cardboard and has anti-microbial properties embedded into the cardboard so there is no bad odour.

There are two trends emerging that have made Eco Bin disposable sanitary bins even more important.

Girls are starting to menstruate a lot earlier, like at primary school. Statistically now 1 in 16 girls has started to menstruate before the age of 11. It’s something to do with the endocrine disruptors in our food, they affect our hormones. Plastics, chemicals in deodorants, shampoos, hair dyes, household sprays, paint, etc etc are accumulating in our bodies and affecting our reproductive organs.

Secondly men are now asking for sanitary bins because the aging male population is experiencing more prostate problems, bladder leakage etc. They need somewhere to dispose of adult pull-ups. You can also include condoms and other personal waste men need to discreetly disposed of.

Overall the emergence of Eco Bin, the disposable sanitary bin without fixed contracts, is very timely. Everyone needs an Eco Bin at some time. But women need an Eco Bin all the time.
Watch this space, as Eco Bin is joining with Share the Dignity, a women’s charity supporting women below the poverty line. www.sharethedignity.com.au